2 more drug labs found in Scarborough highrise

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By CBC News,
July 4, 2012 10:58 PM

2 more drug labs found in Scarborough high-rise


Two more drug labs have been located at the Scarborough condominium where a methamphetamine lab was dismantled on Tuesday, police say.


The high-rise at 190 Borough Dr. was cordoned off by police tape on Tuesday as a special crew was dispatched to perform the cleanup in the first 30th-floor unit.

A hazardous materials crew first attended the apartment after a call came in about a water leak at an apartment on the 30th floor.

That was when the discovery of the drug lab was made and the entire floor had to be evacuated.

Residents were already surprised to hear there was a drug lab in their building, the CBC’s Steven D’Souza reported.

“Today they’ll be even more surprised, as police [confirmed] late this afternoon that there are two additional drug labs in the very same building,” he said.

D’Souza said it’s not clear if the two newly discovered labs are on the same floor.

Owners’ advocate calls for more cameras

An advocate for condominium owners says the province needs to change the rules surrounding security and force condo buildings to install more cameras in elevators and corridors.

Linda Pinizzotto, founder of the Condo Owners Association, also said residents need to be focused on more than their own units — not only for security, but also to protect against hoarders, who can cause fire hazards.

“They have to be a lot more diligent in understanding that they’re living in a community, and that means basically they have people living above them, beside them, below them,” she said.

The conversation about condo security comes as the Ontario government plans to hold public consultations about changes to the Condominium Act aimed at better reflecting the needs of owners, residents and other stakeholders.

Toronto is at the epicentre of Canada’s condominium craze with the fastest growing high-rise condo market in North America in 2011, accounting for about 60 per cent of all GTA home sales.


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