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Whether it is a freehold townhome, semi-detach house or detach and whether it’s a condo townhome, condo loft or low rise or high rise apartment condo building, Linda will guide you with her experience and extensive knowledge. There are also freehold townhomes with condominium style laneways and garages that are condominium style. 

Linda Pinizzotto, also the Founder President  CEO of the Condo Owners Association (COA) a non profit Association representing Condo Owner and Condo Buyer in Ontario will give you the facts and provide you with choices.   She explains everything about condominiums from condo budgets, reserve funds, performance audits, annual general meetings to quorum, proxies etc. …

Make the right decision when you purchase your home and call Linda Pinizzotto.     She will teach you information you cannot find on  or    

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Linda’s Radio Show

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Linda Pinizzotto’s radio show provides a complete overview of all forms of Real Estate as well as pest control, mortgages, life insurance, property insurance, computers, the economy, home inspections and more.

On the condominium side as the Condo eXpert, Linda explains Board of Directors, Property Management, Governance and Accountability, Proxies, Municipal and Provincial Government, Metrolinx, Infrastructure, New Construction and Resale Condos and all sorts of Condo Problems relating to forged proxies, unauthorized spending and the Condo Act, Condo Act Review and Tarion Warranties. 

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