Linda Pinizzotto

Real Estate Group

Linda Pinizzotto started her own Linda Pinizzotto Real Estate Group as an Affiliated Branch of RE/MAX Realty Enterprises Inc and has topped the charts as a powerful lead in the real estate industry.

Her Boutique Real Estate Branch is located in her 2-storey building at 297 Lakeshore Road East in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.

The 8,000 sq ft Building also hosts Four – 2 bedroom furnished rental apartments which provides a great lead source while servicing new comers, relocations and persons who are renovating and/or building a home and need a monthly rental.



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Enjoy the Power of Experience

Linda is a well known Top Producer with over 40 years experience and a proven track record with successful sales..  “I truly love the sales side of our Industry, helping our Clients succeed with their real estate investments so I prefer to own a Real Estate Branch where I can operate my Group where we can all concentrate totally on our Clients real estate dreams” says Linda.  The Group is actively recruiting real estate agents who would be an ideal fit and essential to our Group’s success.

Opportunities, Recognition and Success

The Linda Pinizzotto Real Estate Group thrives to make our Realtors feel appreciated, well deserved and very special.  We are delighted to work with top-producing realtors. We offer them a great compensation plan and we recognize their experience, credentials, expertise, knowledge and successes.  We have seen other companies give little credit to long term Realtors. They focus on awarding newcomers to build their confidence however Top Producers typically invest more time and money in their business and are dedicated to achieving higher level success.  Newcomers will benefit from their peers and all Realtors will achieve success to help grow the brand.

Nick Bailey | CEO President RE/MAX World for your personal congrats:  https://youtu.be/THdnBA-XLp8       

Group Sells over $26 Million Dollars

The Linda Pinizzotto Real Estate Group sold over $26 Million Dollars in Real Estate transactions in our 1st year.   Our strategic plan helps to recruit with success and keep an ongoing professional presence in our Industry.  We build relationships with a successful brand and reputation to attract the right Agents to service our Clients, Referrals and Customers.  The RE/MAX Brokerage brand is #1 in the Industry plus we have a top notch training program with our high profile organization.

We understand that Realtors are in different phases of their careers from time to time and they all have a unique style.  We open our doors to all agents, maybe you are ready for a change and/or want to have the security of a Group.  Our commission splits are one the best structures in the Industry and we service a wide range of areas with a supportive relocation network program of other Agents across the Country.    We are also open to chatting with new agents and pre-licensed candidates.  Our ads in  Craigslist, Career Building and ZipRecruiter may have caught your attention.  We frequently receive calls from individuals who want to learn the process before they spend the money for courses. Real Estate course are not cheap, they are an expensive initiative so we can offer information first in the hopes you join our Group when you have completed your course.  It has been exciting to offer a job share program and provide a 15-minute presentation.

We Support our Agents

Linda Pinizzotto is our Mentor and we have a detailed educational program at the Branch in co-operation with the RE/MAX Brokerage.  We have plenty of training resources for new and seasoned agents to support our Group real estate production success.  Our commission splits are one of the best structures in the Industry and the monthly fees are below the standard for this #1 Brand.  We service a wide range of areas with a supportive relocation networking of Realtors Country-Wide.

Realtors need support with Real Estate, Marketing, Social Media, CRM – Contract Management and a very good website.  Lead Generation support and a sense of community is key. It is hard to be a stand-alone Realtor with little support.  The Linda Pinizzotto Real Estate Group maintains the importance of a sense of community with our group and brokerage. We conduct regular group meetings, group lead generation activities and we mobilize a vision where everyone is seen, supported and certainly appreciated.


Are you a top producer who feels your are receiving an unfair share of your commission?  Are you looking for a better compensation plan?  Our Group understands the commission splits and have excellent compensation models to accommodate your expertise.  Equally for those who haven’t turned the curve as top producers, improving their skills and/or getting started we certainly would like to chat and discuss your future with the  Group.

Do you want to move at this time?

Many Realtors may be busy but time gets away from them.  One deal leads to another or possibly one prospect leads to another and the time clock keeps clicking.  Many Realtors want to move but don’t make it priority and they remain stagnant in their present Brokerage.  Have your received any company leads?  In how long?  Generally the answer is NO.   In fact many Realtors haven’t seen a Brokerage Lead in over 15 years plus ….   Do you now if your Realtor.ca leads are coming to you?   You need to increase your revenue if you want to  make more money.  You also need a strong Branch support and leading #1 Brokerage without high monthly fees.   Let the Linda Pinizzotto Real Estate Group show you how we can work together and achieve more.

Let’s meet with another – confidentially of course