How to Build a House

Series by Roman Lewczuk      Presented to you by Linda Pinizzotto


Linda Pinizzotto says that her son knows Roman Lewczuk very well because he is impress with his product.  Roman builds homes in the west end of the City.  He has provided some videos with information.   “I feel that if Steve tells me Roman does a great job, it is time to  listen”,  Many people hire contractors but don’t always check for references or completed work.  Well Steve brought me over to one of Roman’s houses in South Oakville and I was very impressed.  Excellent workmanship, quality materials and right on schedule”.   This was all I need to see other than the fact that Roma is extremely informative and helpful.   That’s a huge level of help. you would be shocked to hear how  many contactors or builders don’t want to give out any trade secrets.

Here is the key – I can find you the home and/or the lot and Roman can do the renovations.   You couldn’t ask for a better situation if you are in the market for a home that needs major updating, renovations or complete new build – tear down and let’s start again.

I hope you watch these videos – Please click the links below:       It will open the door to knowledge – the best place to start!

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Finding a Lot

What to Build



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