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Jason Pinizzotto – Articles have been translated from German to English

The Bietigheim Steelers have the majority of the team for the new season in the DEL 2 already together. The most prominent additions are the two German-Canadians Jason Pinizzotto and Dominic Auger and keeper Sinisa Martinovic.


The German-Canadian Jason Pinizzotto is so far the most high-profile signing of Bietigheim Steelers for the new season in the DEL 2 The 34-year-old striker was in the last round of the jersey of the Red Devils Bad Nauheim.

Sit up and take some of the signings made so far: Jason Pinizzotto comes from the EC Bad Nauheim and is a candidate for the first storm. The 34-year-old German-Canadians is considered a close friend of teammate David Wrigley, who is also the godfather of Pinizzottos daughter. In its stations Bremerhaven, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Schwenningen and last Bad Nauheim, the attacker plenty of DEL and DEL-2 experience gained. 

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Jason Pinizzotto (left) sits down in this scene with the Kaufbeurer defender Alexander Winkler apart. The Bietigheimer striker scored on Friday at 7: 3 home win of the Steelers two goals.

Steelers celebrate highest win of the season

The Bietigheim Steelers swim in the German Ice Hockey League 2 on a wave of success. After 7: 3 to purchase Beuren, the sixth win in six home game, the SCB leads the table with seven points clear already. more

October 11, 2014

The Bad Nauheim goalkeeper January Guryca (left) and Dan Ringwald try together, the Bietigheimer Matt McKnight (center) to stop. Right rear is David Wrigley his striker colleagues to help.

Bietigheim proposes EC Bad Nauheim in the DEL 2

The Bietigheim Steelers have also won their fifth home game in the DEL-2 Main Round. You demystified the former nemesis EC Bad Nauheim with a 5 2 victory and maintained their four-point lead over main pursuer Rosenheim. more

06 October 2014

No way through: Jason Pinizzotto (left rear) and Mark Heatley have to resist against this one Rosenheim bulwark. Also on substitute Starbulls-keeper Timo herds, the Steelers bite of the teeth.

Steelers despair of youngster

The Bietigheim Steelers have the top match of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2) on Saturday at the Star Bulls Rosenheim 3: 4. In the shootout, the gerückte for the injured Patrick Lechner marriage to score youngster Timo herds could not conquer. more

02 October 2014

Happy to Jason Pinizzotto (left), here in powerlifting in his season debut in the game in Landshut, storms against Riessersee again for the Bietigheim Steelers.

Pinizzotto attacks again

In the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2) it have the Bietigheim Steelers in the next two games to do with the top teams. This Thursday at home with the SC Riessersee, on Saturday they play in Rosenheim. more

September 26, 2014

Sufficient reason for rejoicing the Steelers had so far this season as they have won all four games. Here rejoice (from left) Mark DC, Bastian Stein bulk and Mark Heatley.

Bietigheim Steelers: Defensive is particularly challenged

Together with Kaufbeuren lead the Bietigheim Steelers after four games and four victories, the table of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). This Friday, the Steelers play at the Tower Stars Ravensburg, on Sunday at home against Crimmitschau. more

September 19, 2014

Ready for a comeback at the Bietigheim Steelers: returnees Justin Kelly is fit again.

Justin Kelly celebrates comeback

After the dream start to the new season of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2) the Bietigheim Steelers play this Friday in Dresden. On Sunday it goes against the Heilbronner Falken. Included is the first time Justin Kelly. more

September 17, 2014

Pinizzotto suspended for four games

The Bietigheim Steelers have to give in the next four games on Jason Pinizzotto in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). The Disciplinary Committee of the DEL 2 has the 34-year-old striker lock after a cross check in the game against the Kassel Huskies. more

September 15, 2014

Robin Just (green jersey) takes it in this scene with a superiority in Kassel players. The Bietigheimer striker scored two goals in the Steelers home game against the Huskies.

Bietigheim Steelers beat DEL-2-promoted Kassel Huskies

The Bietigheim Steelers started with the optimum yield of six points in the new season of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). On Sunday, the runner-up won the home game against the EC Kassel Huskies 5: third more

September 13, 2014

The ice hockey team of Bietigheim Steelers celebrates its 6: 4 away win in Landshut with the 60 traveling fans. But if the game is also considered so is still open.

Bietigheim Steelers: Season begins with Away Coup

The Bietigheim Steelers are in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2) with a 6: 4-start win in the new season. However, the result is still a caveat: A jersey mistake could be fatal to the SCB. more

September 12, 2014

EVL Landshut: Teaser for season opener

“This is our squad, a very serious start” – Kevin Gaudet, the coach of the Bietigheim Steelers, sees the first game of the season in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2) this Friday (19.30 clock) at EVL Landshut with mixed feelings . more


Goal: Sinisa Martinovic, Andreas Mechel. Defense: Max Prommer Berger, Benjamin Huefner, Dominic Auger, Mark DC, Bastian Stein Large, Adam Borzecki. more

06 September 2014

loses fight Strong rump force the Steelers

The injuries can not shake the Bietigheim Steelers. One week before the start of the season in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2) retired in the last test match on Friday at the Frankfurt Lions Marcus Sommerfeld (puck to the hand) and Benjamin Huefner (groin) to injuries. more

05 September 2014

When Lions Gaudet will be without three aces

Without Justin Kelly, Adam and Jason Pinizzotto Borzecki the Bietigheim Steelers deny this Friday at 19.30 clock in the forthcoming league rivals Frankfurt Lions their last match before the start of the season in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). more

04 September 2014

The team of Bietigheim Steelers for the season 2014/2015 in the German Ice Hockey League 2

The Bietigheim Steelers start on 12 September with the away game at EV Landshut in the Season 2014/2015 of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). more

03 September 2014

Benjamin Kronawitter (left), here against the ex-Bietigheimer and current Bad Nauheim Marco contactor, struggled after forces. On Tuesday evening the Steelers sample player remained without point scorer.

Steelers win the test match in Bad Nauheim: Defender accents

The Bietigheim Steelers won their penultimate warm-up game before the start of the season in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). They sat down in the EC Bad Nauheim 5: 3 by – although three key players were missing. more

02 September 2014

SCB denies penultimate test in Bad Nauheim

On Monday, the hockey professionals Bietigheim Steelers in the horse market were in use – until the afternoon as participants in the parade, then at night in the tent, where the team presented itself to the public. This Tuesday, the Steelers go back on the ice: contact from 19th more

August 25, 2014

David Wrigley (left) and the Bietigheim Steelers had light in a duel against the French by Etoile Noire de Strasbourg game. The DEL-2-runner sat loosely on Saturday with 8: 2 by.

Bietigheimer Ice Cup: Steelers offer good Paroli

The Hockey professionals of Bietigheim Steelers have the first Ice Cup in Ellental rank two occupied. The team coached by Kevin Gaudet was equal to DEL representative Nuremberg Ice Tigers in the finals, but lost with 1: third more

August 22, 2014

The Bietigheimer René Schoof (right) hits the game against the Lions Frankfurt. On weekends available for the Steelers more test matches in a tournament in the EgeTrans arena.

The Ice Cup premiere

On the weekend of the Ice Cup in the EgeTrans Arena celebrates its premiere. For this purpose, the Bietigheim Steelers have been invited as the organizer Nürnberg Ice Tigers of the DEL, Sterzing from Italy and Strasbourg in France. more

August 19, 2014

Borzecki coincides with Knieblessur from

In the test matches the Bietigheim Steelers against Kassel and Frankfurt, two other hockey pros of SCB injuries have contracted: Matt McKnight was rested on Sunday, after he had to leave early on Saturday after a foul, the ice. more

August 16, 2014

Gaudet mixed rows by two test matches of the Steelers

After a week the ice training hockey Cracks the Bietigheim Steelers complete weekend two test matches. Guests include the new competitors in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2), Kassel Huskies and Frankfurt Lions. more

09 August 2014

Gain for the Bietigheim Steelers

The first ice training of Bietigheim Steelers also have presented the new additions, rear from left:. Goalkeeper Sinisa Martinovic, Dominic Auger, Prommer Max Berger, Justin Kelly, Adam Borzecki, Jason Pinizzotto and Archie Skalbeck more

May 21, 2014

The German-Canadian Jason Pinizzotto is so far the most high-profile signing of Bietigheim Steelers for the new season in the DEL 2 The 34-year-old striker was in the last round of the jersey of the Red Devils Bad Nauheim.

Steelers fishing Jason Pinizzotto

The Bietigheim Steelers have the majority of the team for the new season in the DEL 2 already together. The most prominent additions are the two German-Canadians Jason Pinizzotto and Dominic Auger and keeper Sinisa Martinovic. more

April 23, 2014

The strategist on the Bietigheimer Bank: The Canadian Kevin Gaudet has consecutively led the Steelers twice in the play-off final. Here are the 50-year-old coach his striker René Schoof (front left) instructions.

Kevin Gaudet in the interview: “I think so at next season”

The Bietigheim Steelers have finished the season in the German Ice Hockey League 2 as runner-up. In an interview Coach Kevin Gaudet about the lost final series against the Fish Town penguin and the planning for the new round. more

01 March 2014

Whipping boys: The Bietigheimer defender Chris Murray (center) and his Bad Nauheim counterparty Sven simplicity regulate a few things in their own way Murray withdrew doing a bruised finger.. Rear observed referee Ramin Yazdi the fight and probably already considering the penalties. Photo: Joachim Storch

Ice cold caught and then combines great

After some difficulties in the first third of the Bietigheim Steelers won on Friday in the second round of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2) the EC Bad Nauheim still confidently with 6: 3rd On Sunday they play at home against the Dresdner Eislöwen. more

November 18, 2013

Patrick Asselin (right) scored in Sunday's Bietigheimer stint in Bad Nauheim two goals. However, his team went at the end as a loser by the ice. Photo: Avanti

Front hui, rear Pooh

Strong attack, weak defense: The Bietigheim Steelers have shown yesterday in the German Ice Hockey League 2 two faces. At the end it was enough in Bad Nauheim, despite six goals scored not to victory – the Red Devils won with 7: 6 after extra time. more

October 12, 2013

The Bietigheimer striker Matt McKnight (39) fails at Bad Nauheim goalkeeper Domenic Bartels, who wards off the puck with his shoulder.

Red Devils take two points with

The Red Devils from Bad Nauheim have messed up the hitherto unblemished home record Bietigheim Steelers in the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). The climber from Hesse won in the arena with EgeTrans 5: 4 after the shootout. more

October 11, 2013

Hit: newcomer David Wrigley, wearing the golden helmet of the best scorers in the Bietigheim Steelers, also leads in the DEL on 2 these statistics with eight goals and ten templates.

Steelers: So far, low viewer interest in EgeTans Arena

After eight games, the Bietigheim Steelers are tied with the Star Bulls Rosenheim at the top of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL 2). The success and immensely powerful offensive performance had viewers interest so far but hardly aroused. more

07 September 2013

Last test for the Steelers before the season starts

The German second division hockey champion Bietigheim Steelers is located in the pre-season down the stretch. The last match before the start of the season to complete the Steelers on Sunday by 18 clock against the EC Bad Nauheim. more

02 May 2013

The German second division champions Bietigheim Steelers before the fan curve in Schwenningen Helios Arena. Right President Hans-Günther Neumann, beside him Master Trainer Kevin Gaudet. Both had their beer shower at this time already behind him.

Bietigheim Steelers: Bastian Stein succeeds Great Master Shot

The Bietigheim Steelers have managed the Double. After the Cup victory they came for the German second division championship. In the sixth game of the playoff final series they won on Tuesday in front of about 6000 spectators at the Schwenningen Wild Wings with Result 4: 3 and created the necessary title for fourth straight win. more

April 29, 2013

The Schwenningen goalkeeper Lukas Lang revolves around the puck, the vorbeiflitzt short of his goal. Steelers striker Achim Berger Moss (center), who is escorted here by Mirko Sacher, can not intervene.

Steelers win fifth playoff game against Schwenningen 3: 2

The Bietigheim Steelers missing is a victory for the title in the Second Hockey League. They won yesterday the fifth playoff finals by Marcel Rodman Penaltytor in the extension 3: the second An away win on Tuesday, and the Cup travels for the second time after 2009 to Ellental. more

René Schoof, of the Bietigheimer 3: scored 1, here the attacks kept by Sinisa Martinovic Schwenningen goal. Right Raymund Macias.

Playoff Finals: Steelers beat Wild Wings with Result 5: 2

The Bietigheim Steelers are back in business for the championship in the Second Hockey League. The team coached by Kevin Gaudet won last night its home match against the Schwenningen Wild Wings earned 5: 2 and shortened in the Best-of-Seven Final Series 1: second more

April 22, 2013

Matthias Lange has the puck. He stood yesterday for the embattled Jochen Vollmer in goal for the Steelers and was elected best player of the Bietigheimer. He also parried a penalty against Philip Schlager.

Strong Long can not prevent second defeat

Winning the German second division hockey championship yesterday with 3 Schwenningen Wild Wings are: 1 win in the sold-out Helios Arena against the Bietigheim Steelers come a little closer. In the final series they are now with 2: 0 forward. more

April 19, 2013

The man with the number nine and the Golden Helmet is the superstar of the Schwenningen Wild Wings: The 30-year-old Robert Hennigar.

Schwenningen: Hennigar and Martinovic – the top stars of Wild Wings

In the Schwenningen Wild Wings coach Stefan Mair can draw in the first final match to a great, injury free and rested squad. The top stars are Sinisa Martinovic goalkeeper and striker Robert Hennigar. more

April 13, 2013

Schwenningen is in the final

The Schwenningen Wild Wings have made ​​the entry into the play-off final of the Second Hockey league perfect yesterday Friday night. more

March 30, 2013

Hawks make the departure

In the second division hockey Heilbronner Falken further utilized a playoff curse. On Thursday, the sub countries have failed for the fifth consecutive year in the quarter-finals. more

February 25, 2013

Bietigheim Steelers lose the second division top game in Schwenningen 2: 3

For the second consecutive year the Bietigheim Steelers have in the Second Hockey league with 2: 3 after the shootout. The home loss on Friday against bottom SC Riessersee followed yesterday’s defeat in the top game in Schwenningen. more