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TransUnion, is a a credit-monitoring firm similar to that of Equifax.   They recently reported that 26 million Canadians have some form of debt which includes: mortgages, lines of credit, and credit card debt.  Their analysis reported that 718,000 of the 26M would not be able to stay afloat financially if their interest rate went up by as little as 0.25 percentage points. There is concern when interest rates do eventually move upwards.

Consolidations and monthly affordability in relation to your purchase is a key factor when I sell properties.  Reviewing current debts, mortgages, lines of credit and credit cards, car loans etc..and finding the best solution to capitalize on your finances, making your best decisions on a home, business or investment property based on your finances.

if you or someone you know is thinking of buying a home, let’s talk financing.  I can teach you how to invest smartly in real estate.  I don’t just sell houses!  I assist my clients by having a strategy in place and I help them increase your Real Estate Wealth.


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Linda Pinizzotto represents Buyers and Sellers in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding areas. She is an award winning, popular and very well known Realtor who is extremely passionate about her profession. She has excellent real estate market knowledge which reflects in her successes with over 30 years experience. Linda Pinizzotto values her clients and reputation, making sure they receive first class advice and information and expertise and protecting their interest every step of the way.
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