Be Smart

Hire an  “Experienced and Reputable Mover”       


Linda can refer you to a mover who is licensed and guaranteer to offer  you good value, excellent and dependable service. 

Be careful about hiring a mover from kijiji,  the newspapers and/or from just anywhere.

Remember your home is full of your precious items, albums, pictures, special memoirs, clothing and furnishing.   You cannot take a risk and besides the price may sound good but how long will it take them to move?    You could be held hostage because now they have your belongings in their truck and they have the key.   Also, moving is a a time to decide what you will take and what you will leave.   Packing for a move is the packrats only true redemption.

Please complete the form below for Linda to refer you to an “Experience and Reputable Mover” at a good price.  

Moving materials at discounted prices may also be available.