No Real Estate Bubble Burst!

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Real Estate Prices have taken a significant increase so the public tends to be concerned “are we going to see the bubble burst”.  I can say with over 36 years experience that Real Estate is still one of the best investments a person/s can have.  The last time the bubble burst was 1990 and compared to today, the market was extremely different.  The condo market is flourishing and we have a variation of buyers and sellers.  The reality is that people need housing, home ownership is important!


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Linda Pinizzotto represents Buyers and Sellers in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding areas. She is an award winning, popular and very well known Realtor who is extremely passionate about her profession. She has excellent real estate market knowledge which reflects in her successes with over 30 years experience. Linda Pinizzotto values her clients and reputation, making sure they receive first class advice and information and expertise and protecting their interest every step of the way.
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