Farhan Thawar 

“There are no others like Linda, and if I have question or concern about real estate Linda is my first phone call.  My family and close friends have all used Linda (more than once) with great success and are still using her today.   Here’s a quote from a blog post I wrote a few years ago:

Everything you Know is Wrong    http://fnthawar.wordpress.com/2006/10/14/whyte-is-right/

“For instance, I used the outstanding Linda Pinizzotto for both the purchase of my condo (2% below asking), the selling of my condo 4 years later (sold for 2% above asking in 1 day!) and the purchase of our house (3% below asking).  The difference here being that Linda goes above and beyond the call of duty.  She helped scout out new areas, advised us on cool neighborhoods and expertly negotiated all our contracts (hence all the money saved).  We easily saved money even after paying her fee.  She even booked our condo elevators, got us a discount on the house inspector and measured our lot for the insurers!””

Klaas Vander Baaren 

We have known Linda for over 25 years, first as a neighbour, then as a real estate agent.  She helped us sell our first house, then buy and later sell our second.  She is professional, extremely effective, and gave use excellent guidance and advice.  We would strongly recommend Linda to anyone looking to buy or sell their home or condo or investment property.

Rob Honighan 

How do you spell Quality Service in less than 3 words   LINDA PINIZZOTTO    Linda Pinizzotto is an honest intelligent Real Estate Agent with an un yielding work ethic. The wealth of experience and conviction in which she advocates on behalf of her clients is unparralled. Remember one thing when you are looking for a Real Estate Agent…..Experience is not expensive….it is priceless

Kym Baird  – Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

If your buying or selling your home I would highly recommend Linda for your realtor. I have known Linda for over 25 years & she is one of the most dedicated, honest & professional realtor I have ever met. Linda goes above & beyond for all her clients to get you your dream home or sell your existing home.It is always a pleasure to work with Linda she is so knowledgeable in all areas of real estate. I highly recommend Linda to all my family & friends. Kym Baird

Rehana Hassan – Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Linda was an absolute pleasure to work with! In a time of need and financial despair, my mother and I had to quickly sell our home that truly was not ready to sell. Linda went above and beyond to not only successfully help us sell our home, but facilitate all the necessary renovations that had to be done to a 20 year old home in less than two weeks. In no time, our house went on the market and Linda worked quickly and efficiently to get it sold. Without a doubt, Linda is the most dedicated, caring, attentive, and professional person I have ever met. She worked relentlessly to assist my mother and I with the sale of our home and was so knowledgeable and experienced with the legal aspects of our unique situation. I strongly recommend Linda to anyone looking for a realtor who has insurmountable expertise and passion for their job and clients!

Lulu Walcott – Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I’ve known Linda for over 40 years and have been buying and selling since. She has always been honest and forthright about properties. Her expertise and knowledge about real estate and finances are exceptional. I began buying in 1990 and to this day continue doing business with her. I will never find someone else when it comes to real estate. It’s always a pleasure and great conversation with Linda. Thank you. I’ll be seeing you very soon.

Marek Dzieduszycki  – Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Linda has helped us sell and purchase several homes. In the process, she has patiently guided and advised us, most recently helping us purchase our dream home in the country. She is professional, very knowledgeable and efficient, while at the same time attending to every important detail. She is also a master at understanding what you want/need and ensuring you get a fair deal. We’ve always been very pleased with the results.

Not wishing to go on and on about her qualifications and accomplishments, I would simply suggest that you check her out on-line … including her founding of the Condominium Owners Association to advise and advocate for condo owners, being Knighted as a Dame of the Order of St. George for her volunteerism, and raising and attending to a loving and expanding family.

G Silvestre – Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Linda is a reliable and genuine agent. She goes over and beyond to accommodate her clients. I had the pleasure of meeting Linda over 30 years ago when I required real estate information. I have purchased and sold property with Linda. Her market experience is on point which has assured me sound judgment and peace of mind. I highly recommend Linda as she thinks outside the box when it comes to advise. I’m sure her team office will also be a great resource for real estate.

Andy Taylor  –  Positive: Professionalism, Quality, 

Linda is the most knowledgeable agent I’ve ever worked with. She knows all the ins and outs of real estate, from staging and inspections to closing and financing. Linda is fully committed to helping her clients achieve their goals, whether you’re a first-time home buyer, an investor, or looking for your family’s dream home. She shares her knowledge very freely, and always has time for my questions. I will never work with another real estate agent! Thank you, Linda!!

Sanjib Ghoshdastidar  –  Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Amazing, caring, knowledgeable and always responsive in an efficient manner. Have purchased multiple properties with Linda and have referred her services to many friends/ family who were all super impressed and happy!

WhatPriyaSaid  – Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I first met Linda when we were on the Boards of the twin condo towers we lived in. Since then she has sold two properties for me and helped me buy another. She has incredible knowledge and negotiated the best offers for me in all three situations. I highly recommend her.

Carol Moxam  –  Positive: Professionalism

It’s rare to have someone as honest and serving as Linda. Excellent service that goes beyond closing a deal. I appreciate your wisdom and respect expertise of 40 years in real estate. It’s evident in every conversation. I will absolutely recommend you to my friends.

J Jones  – Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Linda is an amazing agent, she continually goes above and beyond our expectations. She help us purchase our first and second home over 15 years. I have recommended her to friends and family in the market, and I will continue to do so. If your looking for an honest, intelligent agent, and are thinking of buying or selling your home, she is the right person to speak with!


Konstantin Anissimov  – Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

We’ve had a great pleasure of working with Linda on multiple real estate transaction (selling, buying and leasing properties in the Greater Toronto Area) over the last several years. Linda keeps exceeding our expectations – she is simply the BEST! Not just she is super professional, extremely knowledgeable about every little detail of the real estate market, Linda is also very friendly, positive and passionate about what she does. We would not hesitate to recommend Linda to our family and friends. Thank you Linda for all your great work!

Jozelle Aliya  –  Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had an amazing experience working with Linda selling and buying my home. From the beginning she helped to educate me on real estate and continued to support me throughout the entire process. She listened to what my needs were and was never too busy to answer all my call, questions and concerns. I would wholeheartedly recommend Linda to anyone who”s selling or purchasing a home. I’m just so happy she helped me to find my fabulous forever dream home. Thanks Linda!!

Ylona Long   –  Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Linda is an exceptional agent. Definitely the best in the GTA.  Her knowledge and experience put me at ease while helping me find my first condo. She always made time for any questions/concerns I had about the process.  I always recommend her to my family and friends.

Sal Cannata   

Over 40 years of experience in real estate plus all the other excellent qualities as a person makes Linda a true professional relator that I will recommend to family and friends, she got us some fantastic deals and we are very happy today….Thanks Linda!

Garfield Brown  – Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Linda is one of the best real estate agents I know. She was instrumental in helping me purchase my 3rd condo in downtown Toronto. Linda is well versed in all aspects of buying and selling property and has great insight


Mourad Mourad  – Positive 

Linda is one of best Real Estate agent I know very honest and professional, she always wants her client to know everything about the house before buying it, it a pleasure to work with her highly recommend

Barbara Wilkinson 

This is my personal recommendation for Linda Pinizzotto, I have found Linda to be reliable, dedicated and extremely professional as well as very knowledgeable. Linda is creative and resourceful and we have benefited from her innovative ideas. Linda was able to acquire for us the perfect home at a reasonable price.