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Enjoy this “Special No-Obligation – No Charge”  Brick Offer

               You can Save 10% – 30% on your Next Purchase

                 Compliments of Linda Pinizzotto  Realtor ® 


Procedure for all Brick Orders through Linda’s Commercial Account 

1)    Your Purchase is compliments of Linda’s Authorized Brick Account  REWPINI

(Discounts do not apply to retail Stores Order)  Please quote REWPINI with your order

2)    Shop but don’t order at any Brick Store Location and/or on-line (www.theBrick.com)

3)    Write down Make, Model & Price of items you want to price – Do not order or purchase 

4)    Discounts apply to Furnishings * Appliances * Electronics * Mattresses * Home Decor Items *

5)    Complete form below:  Name, Address, Email,  Include Make, Model of all items and Press SUBMIT

6)    Upon receipt Linda will approve your request and arrange for her Brick Representative to contact you

7)    Linda’s Brick Representative will email you within 24 – 48 hours with pricing of items

8)    You confirm your Order by email and it will be process by the Brick Representative

9)   Brick representation will process your order and advise Delivery Date

10)    “Free Delivery”  Included and Discounts apply to Warranty Packages

11)     Payment is the same as Store  ie. Credit Card, Brick Card


Please remember if you are Buying or Selling Real Estate     

Refer your family, friends and business associates

Contact Linda Pinizzotto


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